Life assurance provides for the payment of a sum of money in the event of the death of the Life Assured. You may arrange a life assurance policy for protection, savings or a combination of both.

Products available are designed to address various preferences. 

Level Term
This is a relatively low cost life assurance policy issued for a predetermined period of time to protect one’s family from an early or untimely death, say in the case of the existence of long term financial commitments.

Convertible Term
A life assurance policy similar in scope as the Term Policy but that includes an option for the assured to convert to a with-profit Savings Plan at some point in the future.

Whole Life
This type of policy remains in operation throughout the whole life of the life assured rather than for a preset term. 

Decreasing Term or Loan Protection
In such a plan the Sum Assured chosen is reduced every year. Such a plan is usually issued to pay off a mortgage in case of death providing financial security for the family. 

Child Policy
A child policy is designed to help parents and/or guardians to start a saving plan on behalf of their child. 

Savings / Investment Life Plans
Various products are available on the market ranging from unit-linked equity investments exposed to Worldwide Stock markets to more conservative medium to long-term with-profit type of investment. Such policies can take the form of regular premium savings vehicles or single premium investment.

Combined Plans
This is a product that adjusts to the specific needs of the life assured addressing protection, savings and retirement planning.